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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Oh Well" - Georgia Hoareau

If you ever felt like you had to convince yourself that you made the right decision in breaking up with an ex, "Oh Well," by Georgia Hoareau should definitely be added to your jam out/motivational playlist. With the songs amazing and catchy electronic rhythms and accompaniment combined with its powerful lyricism, the singer truly connects with the listeners emotions and pain, trying to convince them that, 'I have been there too, but 'Oh well,' they lost a great one, but we will BOTH get through this!'

"Oh Well," by Georgia Hoareau is a song that reflects on her time post-breakup where she learns to come to terms with letting go of the relationship and moving forward, with its early 2000's punk-rock rhythm and accompaniment it truly captures this theme. As she grows to find a renewed confidence, alongside the recovery of her own mental state and the independence brought on by her separation, she throws all of these bad memories into a cannon and fires it back at us, the listeners, to emphasize, warn, or motivate us to the realization that we are incredible people with baggage and you will overcome this obstacle and become better and stronger from it!

Georgia Hoareau is an eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter from the Gold Coast, Australia. She is quickly becoming known for her refreshingly authentic storytelling lyrics & deceptively warm, memorable melodies. Carving out her own space with her unique blend of heartbroken lyrics and bright production, she’s bringing a new kind of hopeful sadness through her songs. Only recently out of high school, Georgia has already gained attention from local media & early momentum has led to two finalist nominations at the recent Gold Coast Music Awards, so if you want to keep up with Georgia's musical journey be sure to follow her socials down below!

Written By: Troy Sica



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