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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "Old Western Film" - Anna Elyse

If you've ever experienced trauma, you know the lasting effects it can have on the mind. It's no secret that it takes time to recover from the damage, no matter how self-aware we are. In her new single, "Old Western Film", Anna Elyse sincerely expresses this frustrating sentiment. The lyrics tell a story of someone desperately clawing for change, only to be met with roadblocks from the past. Anna talks about finding peace with someone like, "an old Western film". Life is good. Things are finally getting better, when suddenly, memories resurface, rudely interrupting the happiness she's rebuilt. It's a familiar feeling for many, and it resonates deeply for folks struggling with PTSD. The track talks about being "stuck in first gear" and "idling", a perfect example of how it feels to freeze with anxiety, even when nothing's wrong.

But the story doesn't end with the lyrics. "Old Western Film" is a heartfelt pop ballad that mixes warm piano sections, steady drums, and inviting vocals to convey empathy. The song is set in Eb Major, serious and solemn. It's a great key to express the mixed emotions in the lyrics, as it evokes feelings of determination and melancholy at the same time. The song is broken up occasionally with intimate moments of only piano and vocals, subtle reminders of the ups and downs of trauma recovery. As listeners, we experience a part of the artist's pain in the music, and that's exactly what a ballad should do. This song is musical therapy for the soul.

Anna Elyse is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Orange County, California. But her origins lie in poetry. With a degree from UCLA in Creative Writing and a focus on poetry, she decided to expand her talents by learning audio engineering. Anna describes stepping into the recording studio for the first time as, "slipping into an immersive world she knew she fit". Growing up in and out of a dance studio, the feeling was familiar and welcoming to her. Over time, she would go on to find herself on popular hip-hop albums like Logic's "Under Pressure", "The Incredible True Story", and "No Pressure", an impressive accomplishment on its own. However, Anna's musical journey would lead her to release her own music, beginning with her debut single, "Trading Glances", which would go on to be featured on notable folk-pop playlists. You can check out "Old Western Film", "Trading Glances", and the rest of Anna Elyse's powerful discography on streaming services now.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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