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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "ON DEMAND" - Heather Sommer

Are they REALLY invested in you? Or do they ghost you and show up only when you’re thriving and NOT when you need them the most? Don’t let them play that game again! ‘ON DEMAND’ by Heather Sommer gives you the power to clap back at anyone who’s taken their relationship with you for granted. Honestly, screw them! You’re not someone else’s chess piece that they can just use when it’s “convenient.” You deserve a hundred times better than that. Don’t let anything change your mind this time. Cut them off so they know that you're not one to be messed with!

Sommer draws you in with an irresistible 2000s pop-rock sound. Sizzling electric guitars and energetic trap beats build this synergy that boosts your confidence. Sommer’s bold, unapologetic vocals give you the resolve to leave their twisted game behind. “Let me go ‘til you see me win, ‘Gotta catch up, how you been?’ Yeah you’re so full of it.” Ooh, that’s a well-deserved burn to them! Throwing shade with lyric after lyric, Sommer hits them where it stings. What I love most about this song is her visual of a tv screen. She adds phrases like “silver screens and static” and “you'll see it clearer when you press rewind” to help capture her frustration with being overlooked. It’s brilliant!

Heather Sommer is a visual artist (and dog lover!) who’s been shaking up the Pop/EDM scene since 2018! She’s greatly involved in designing her own album art, merch and lyric videos, as well as singing, writing and producing her own music. She’s been featured in several Spotify editorial playlists and has these chameleon-like vocals that allow her to seamlessly bounce between genres. (Fun fact: she even has a song called ‘CHAMELEON’ if you want to see more of her versatility!) She’s incredible because she’s fully invested in herself, and that’s how you know she’s passionate about what she does! Her next EP ‘One Size Fits All’ is coming soon so stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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