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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "On & On" - Gaaren

Gaaren is a ScandiPop trio and they just released their new single “On & On.” This song is about falling for someone you can’t have and being stuck on a loop of hope. It feels like a diary entry, laying all the emotions on the table. The song hits every piece that put the puzzle of unrequited love together. From daydreaming, reality and believing you can be around that person and ignore the deeper feelings you have for them. They combined a fun beat that makes you want to dance with lyrics that have you feeling a bit heartbroken.

Love is never easy, especially when you’re in love with someone who only sees you as a friend. It can feel overwhelming being around them, wanting more than what you have. One of the opening lines said “I was dreaming about you and then I started playing pretend.” I’m sure every single person out there has daydreamed about what things could be when we like someone. The bridge in this song stood out to me due to the honesty of it. The first line in that section is “if you want it like this I can do it.” When we love someone who doesn’t reciprocate that, we believe we can just push those feelings down and keep them buried.

“On & On” is so incredibly catchy. The chorus is simplistic but it gets stuck in your head right from the first listen. This trio outdid themselves by creating something vulnerable and giving it the ability to make listeners want to jump around. Sometimes dancing is the best medicine when you feel hurt and can’t find the words to express how you feel. Gaaren started releasing music last year and they continue to grow their audience with every song. Check out their socials below to follow their journey. They are just getting started and I'm excited to see what their future holds.

Written By Emylee Herring



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