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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "On Your Own" - Abby Carey

Abby Carey, a newer artist in the music scene, has combined subtle pop sounds with intense rock instrumentation in her latest track, "On Your Own." It begins with soft, sadder music, but it builds into loud, angry sounds. It starts with lyrics "Take your shit and leave now" as she expresses her frustration, disappointment, and hurt over a breakup. Cutting someone off can be difficult, and in this track, she sings about how the other person is selfish and did this to themself; she will not be answering their calls or give them more chances. The emotion in the vocals, lyrics, and production made it a standout track.

When the track begins, Abby Carey expresses her sadness and disappointment with lyrics asking someone to leave, saying she does not want to see them, and "a friend would never say the things you did." This builds into a section where she is reflecting on the relationship and wondering if there is anything left. Just over two minutes into the song, it shifts from the subtle, electro-pop into an angrier rock wall of sound as she sings about her frustration and pain. The song is jam-packed with powerful lyricism like "But I know you better than you know me" and "Begging for a chance / But I'm not gonna answer / You're on your own." She paints the picture of just feeling done with someone.

Abby Carey is a rising pop singer-songwriter based in LA. She focuses on writing lyrics based on anecdotes of her life and others. She aims to combine her vivid storytelling with catchy pop hooks, which can be seen in this track, "On Your Own." Her pop and rock sound could be compared to other young women in the pop industry like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish. If you enjoyed this track, make sure to check out the other singles that she has on her streaming platforms. You can also keep up with all the latest information on her music by checking out her social media accounts that are linked down below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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