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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "One For You" - Scarlett Lee

Scarlett Lee’s “One For You” combines immense vulnerability with transformative journeys to form this beautifully somber track. After a breakup, we can’t help but reflect on the past– who we could have been together, and what we could have done together. All your dedication to this one person remains long after they’ve left, and you’re left thinking, “I could have been the one for you.” Everything stays the same in your life, except for their presence being gone. Based on a painful breakup, this song marks the entrance of Lee’s next chapter in her musical journey; through catharsis and melancholy, “One For You” comes alive with her authentic songwriting and powerful vocals.

“One For You” is a stunning love letter to someone who is already long gone. The song is full of never-ending devotion and dedication, and as a breakup track it emphasizes the feeling of loss one has when all that remains of the relationship is your broken heart. There’s a lot of really beautiful lines, and I think my favorite has to be the final verse, as Lee sings, “Get rid of memories / But I hold close them all / With your jumper and white tee / That I wore to go to sleep / Nothing's changed with me.” It’s just such a somber way to close a song, knowing that from start to finish, nothing has changed about the narrator's dedication to this man. There's also a lot of evocative imagery, such as having to fill the cracks and pick up the pieces that were left behind, further highlighting the relationship's end. Coupling all this with the instrumentals, a strong piano and humming strings, slowly growing with Lee’s vocals, you get an epic ballad infused with the emotional intensity of a breakup.

Surrey-born Scarlett Lee is best known for her competing in the fifteenth series of The X Factor, where she finished as runner-up in 2018. Since then, she’s mesmerized audiences with her enchanting performances, developing a dedicated fanbase and jumpstarting her career through her presence on The X Factor. She’s shared stages with Leona Lewis and Robbie Williams, and has performed at London’s British Summer Time Festival. Excitingly, in 2024 she will be competing on American Idol Season 7, which has been a long-time goal of hers. “One For You” is Lee's debut solo release, so while you’re waiting for her presence on American Idol, keep in touch with her socials to see what projects she’s working on next!

Written By Alexa Leung



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