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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "One Last Dance" - Tim Schou

In the aftermath of divorce, singer/songwriter Tim Schou sought to capture this grief in a four-track EP. The resulting project, Ashes On The Shore, chronicles the heartbreaking end of an eight-year relationship. Its final track, however, brings an appreciative energy to what could be a grueling subject. "One Last Dance" takes the moment to celebrate the love and joy that was, looking forward to finding it in new places. This is clean, peppy pop that breezes through its moods with a conversational energy. The chorus, a thumping synth pop call to "put your hands together," snaps back to the verse with little fanfare. Schou simply dives back into his narration over muted guitar and finger snaps. The effect is charming rather than jarring, as the Danish musician keeps the sonic focus on his closely tracked vocals. There are hints of Vampire Weekend in the clean guitar tone and conversational delivery, but Schou's songwriting is distinctly more aligned with the likes of Ed Sheeran.

While "One Last Dance" might not sound like what one might expect from "post-divorce music," it is nonetheless percolated through grief. "I'm bad for you and you were bad for me," he admits frankly. "You know I love you, I've tried everything: flowers, therapy, two diamond rings." The intimacy with which he excavates the collapse of his marriage is overwhelming—threatening to pull the weight of "One Last Dance" into its dark voice. Then Schou shakes it off with the chorus. The danceable groove and sentimentality feel almost tongue-in-cheek with how they resemble music that might be in a wedding DJ's repertoire. But rather than steeping it in any irony, Schou uses these conventions to celebrate life, love, and hope — even in the wake of heartbreak.

In 2015, Tim Schou made the life-altering decision to pursue the couch-surfing lifestyle of a traveling singer/songwriter. His first major success was landed in 2017, with his single "Novocaine." The awards and acclaim that followed directly led to the Danish musician supporting Barbara Moleko and Morcheeba on tour the following year. The exciting and eventful tour brought Schou to the concept of his aptly-titled Neverending Vagabond Tour. This touring concept allows for anyone to book him for living room concerts, only requiring a chair and his acoustic guitar. This October, Schou began his first venue solo-tour across Denmark.

Written By Andy M.

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