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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "One More Night" - Tessa Dalton

Tessa Dalton's latest release "One More Night" expresses the addictiveness of individuals and relationships in its lyricism as well as its pure impact, getting the listener hooked after one listen. The song takes place following a messy breakup to what is spoken of as a beautiful relationship, and implied to be much worse. Ending a relationship at all leaves anyone with a feeling of emptiness, but those who are not so lucky to find the long sought after "closure", experience this tenfold. Tessa Dalton, seeming to be one of these many, offers a relatable outlet for this nagging need for a happy ending. Her repetition in begging for "one more night" is a perfect recreation of these thoughts and of the craving that comes with them. While this, on a surface level, asks for a last night to end the relationship, the night she describes is right in the middle of it. She reminisces and pleads for the nights they once shared, or at least the untainted memory of them, but then these are the nights that would never lead to an ending. "One More Night" vulnerably explores the debate of losing unsavory memories to maintain the beauty of good ones: if its worth the risk of gaining worse memories due to the loss of the knowledge they brought.

The tone of the piece is very down to earth.  It begins with the strumming of an acoustic guitar that creates a personal, intimate, air to the instrumentals- reflective of the intimacy felt on those good nights.  This guitar carries on throughout the song, even at the chorus keeping the pace of the song down to suit its depressive themes.  Tessa Dalton's voice carries her lyricism expertly, having a cascading effect with how she states each memory that represents their repetitiveness and tiring nature.  Her skill as a vocalist is impressive to say the least, natural and soft with peaks at her extreme talent during the most emotive portions of the song.  If the song didn’t feel familiar enough, the way she ends it, singing slowly over nothing but the guitar, creates a conversational motif that is stunningly moving.  

Tessa Dalton grew up (“grew up” being used loosely as she is still only nineteen) on her family’s farm in rural Idaho.  She was raised with music, playing various instruments throughout her childhood and mastering them early on.  Her first was the violin at eleven years old, soon after though, she found her calling- the fiddle.  She won competitions across states and began teaching the instrument as well as the violin, guitar, and leading voice lessons.  She’s continued her education on it, currently in the bachelor program for commercial fiddle at Belmont University in Nashville where she’s now based.  After her move here, she began her work as an independent artist.  She began performing live across Nashville and has now released her first single, “One More Night”, stream it below. 

Written By Hailey Schap



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