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  • Jenna Barton


MKSM shows a different side to him through his new single, “ONE OF MY DEMONS”. The artist takes you Inside his head and into his personal life as he sings about confronting his own inner demons. MKSM'S heavy-hitting lyrics straight from the heart are bringing out real emotional responses from his listeners. The artist shows his vulnerability in this track with lyrics that tell a complete story from beginning to end. Once you hit play on the track, MKSM’s strong vocals and beautiful piano melody begin to take over. The artist has an amazing ability to take every word he sings directly to you personally. Let MKSM take you on an emotional journey with his latest track, “ONE OF MY DEMONS”.

MKSM is a voice for himself and for others who may also be dealing with their own inner demons. A lot of people may be familiar with those same feelings MKSM talks about in his new single, which is why “ONE OF MY DEMONS” resonates so well with those who listen. The artist released a music video to go along with his recent single. In the black and white video, you find MKSM singing to himself almost as two different versions of the artist. He captures the emotions and visuals of the many things that have been holding him back for so long. You can feel the emotion behind every word when he sings, "You are one of my demons" repeatedly. MKSM's words come right from the heart, with lyrics like "Taught me to live with my demons, made me believe it was you that I needed". He reflects on times in the past when he "Almost forgot everyone that I love trying to convince me that we are enough". With the release of "ONE OF MY DEMONS" MKSM hopes his listeners can face their own personal demons too.

MKSM is a Singer, Songwriter, Violinist, and LGBTQ+ activist living in Berlin. MKSM has shown in his music that he is not afraid to put himself out there and reveal a more vulnerable side. The artist's ability to take his own experiences in life and incorporate those feelings from them into his music is inspiring. “ONE OF MY DEMONS'' is MKSM's latest single, released on September 9th, 2022. This single sets the tone for his upcoming EP “Feelings Of A Misfit” set to release later this fall. The artist has an impressive list of released singles, since “Tipsy in Love” was released in 2019. With Nearly 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, MKSM is a promising up-and-coming artist.

Written By Jenna Barton



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