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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "One Summer's Day" - Jay Moussa-Mann

Right place, wrong time; that addictive love story leaving you with plenty of unanswered questions. What other trope is there that’s equal parts heartbreaking and amusing? For Jay Moussa-Mann, this dichotomy is enshrined in her new single, ‘One Summer’s Day’. It’s a playful story about a girl learning to drive one summer in Turkey and meeting a guy that offers to lend her his fancy car. She draws from a nostalgic summer she spent in Turkey, where she evokes the excitement of the Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s full of daydreams, adventure and an unrequited love that’ll keep you hooked to the very end!

Immediately, I get Taylor Swift Lover vibes from Moussa-Mann's angelic voice. Shimmering synths and guitar strums are like warm blankets for your heart and create an irresistible ‘90s karaoke night. Moussa-Mann embellished her beautifully vivid lyrics with pure happiness. “I am deep for a Saturday night, and you’re my one summer’s day; motorbike, damp shirt, arms around your this because I’m so brave?” That “just friends?” to lovers pipeline is super compelling, especially for those who aren’t in a relationship (don't worry, I called myself out too lol). My favorite part is the post-chorus where she says, “You left me the car, you left me the car, you left me.” By including selective repetition, Moussa-Mann conveys mixed emotions effortlessly in this song. And the story itself has twists and turns at the perfect moments! It’s just incredible!

Jay Moussa-Mann is undoubtedly inspired by lyrical masterminds like Taylor Swift and Maisie Peters. The singer-songwriter has been featured on BBC 6 Music, Skope Magazine and Love Life; Love Music to name a few. Funny enough, she initially didn’t want to pursue music professionally. Before that, she was an avid filmmaker. In 2018, she switched industries after her original music got played on BBC Introducing. She uses her filmmaking background to create short, yet vibrant scenes as powerful lyrics for her songs. She’s even able to visualize her songs as movies and music videos! I can’t wait to hear more from Moussa-Mann! She would be AMAZING in a collab with T. Swift!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez


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