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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "One Summer's Day" - Lucy Crisp

Photo Credits: Ralph Barklam

There’s something almost cinematic about finding that special someone in the middle of summertime; they become such an essential in your life that you can’t help but associate them with that euphoric feeling of summertime. It’s a special thing you never want to let go of, so much so that the relationship feels like it could last a lifetime. The latest single by Lucy Crisp, “One Summer’s Day,” captures a special relationship where two people are so fond of each other that it feels like an everlasting summer. The song is a fun pop anthem that is perfect to play this summer as you ride in the car with your special person. Lucy Crisp’s voice shines bright in the song, and it helps perfectly paint the lyrical contents of the track’s story. “One Summer’s Day” is a wonderful summertime love song and should be the next song you add to your playlist.

The way the song begins feels like the beginning of a fairytale, with the use of just the piano in the first part of the verse. It perfectly captures the beginning of a new relationship. It also creates a nice contrast from the much more upbeat chorus. The chorus is a nice little explosion that fits so well with the emotion of the song. Lucy Crisp’s vocal performance during the chorus helps contribute to the emotion as it is very powerful. The bridge of the song really captures how important the relationship is and how it’s not just a summer fling, but a much more serious situation. The part where the music stops, and we just hear Crisp’s vocals and some backing vocals. It changes the dynamic of the track and makes it much more interesting. The outro is the perfect way to end a track like this one, the repetition isn’t excessive enough to be annoying, but it’s enough to perfectly wrap up this love story. “One Summer’s Day” is a stellar track, and it really shows off what kind of artist Lucy Crisp is.

Lucy Crisp is a pop artist from Nottingham who began writing and playing music at a young age. She likes to get personal in her songwriting and explore moments from her life through music. She began to really explore her musical journey in 2018 when she attended the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. In 2020, she released her debut single, “Feet,” which gained over 3,000 streams. Since then, she’s released a few other tracks that have gained her some recognition with BBC and Fresh On The Net. It’s clear that Lucy Crisp is making a name for herself and the works she creates are impactful with their storytelling. There’s a clear passion for what she does and it’s what makes her music great. Lucy Crisp’s debut EP “65 Roses” will be released later this year so keep an eye out for this star.

Written By Chantal Charles


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