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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Only Us" - MAXINE

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. MAXINE did exactly this when her summer fling didn’t work out. Looking past the disappointment, she turned it into ‘Only Us’, a summer pop anthem that sends you to love central! It’s an appreciation of those who you could spend every single day with, and time simply stops when you’re around them. “You keep me sane, you make me laugh, and I don't understand how I got you.” This reminds me of when I met one of my best friends in the entire world. There are no awkward silences, and they’re one of the greatest cheerleaders I have. That invigorating sensation is just what MAXINE delivers on!

I love the melody because it’s refreshingly optimistic and really shows how much MAXINE cares about the people in her life. “You see everything that I don’t see, love the least favorite parts of me; you make me smile when my world fades to blue.” Those are the best types of people! With her lyrics, MAXINE creates her own summer fling for you to live it up and freely express all the love you’ve got. Her vibrant vocals are dance-worthy, and they’re empowered by an uplifting, synth-filled ambiance. MAXINE, you’re fabulous! Not only for putting us in a jubilant mood, but also for making us feel right at home in your corner of the world!

Multi-talented Dutch artist MAXINE aspires to be like Zara Larsson: a trailblazer in pop music. In fact, during her time at Musikmakarna, Sweden’s grand music school for songwriters, she met Larsson, as well as famed producer and songwriter Max Martin. She used experiences like these to fuel her music career, and now she’s blossoming! What really makes MAXINE stand out is her ability to create songs that are not only relatable, but also filled to the brim with passion. ‘Only Us’ is a great example of that. She is 100% worth the follow! For more music, I recommend her debut EP ‘Minor felt Major’, which is a notable chapter in her story!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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