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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Open Hands" - Zach Paradis

Sometimes falling in love is harder than it needs to be. The more we get our heartbroken the harder it is to trust and open up to others. ‘Open Hands’ by Zach Paradis describes this feeling of wanting love but having trouble getting your guard down after going through many bad experiences. The anxiety that the singer faces is finally met with acceptance. Paradis realizes that no matter how much he stresses or wishes that his relationship will work out, things will turn out the way they are supposed to, despite his worrying.

This single has a similar sound to Ed Sheeran and Lord Huron. Paradis begins the track with gentle and soft guitar strumming and stunning background harmonized vocals. In the verse, the low intense bass is amplified and reflects the dark and deep emotions that come with the internal struggle of what it’s like to be afraid of falling in love again. During the chorus, the singer showcases his vocal talents while singing “Now I know what’s meant will be” in a breathtakingly gorgeous falsetto. The conclusion of the song is similar to the beginning with vocals and instrumental that seem to symbolize the overarching theme of the single, which is that despite the anxiety the singer feels, things will happen as they are meant to.

Zach Paradis was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but is now Los Angeles based as he pursues music. Throughout his musical journey, the vocalist has incorporated the best elements of hip-hop and alternative to elevate his pop music. In December 2018, Paradis released his debut single titled “Mine This Year”, a festive Christmas song that showcases his talented voice. His debut single has a vulnerability and depth that goes beyond most holiday songs. This catchy pop single is the first of eight songs that Paradis is releasing for his upcoming highly anticipated sophomore album.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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