• Stephanie Berning

Review: “Overgrown” -YAZ

"Overgrown" is a catchy pop song with an electronic flair. In the single, she details the reason she is leaving a lousy ex. YAZ describes feeling dependent on a person and not wanting to leave them. However, she continues stating that now that she has moved past their toxic relationship, she feels amazing without them as if she has become whole again on her own. This single is a self-empowering anthem that audiences will be playing on repeat.

As soon as the fast pace melody begins audiences will be hooked on YAZ. She has a smooth voice that complements the faster electronic instrumental. The singer switches to a beautiful falsetto while the electronic instrumental fades out during the chorus lines "I didn't wanna let you go/ now I know I'm better on my own". The catchy rhythm swiftly begins again during the impactful lines of feeling "whole alone". Overall, listeners will love this electronic pop song and will have the lyrics "o-o-overgrown" stuck in their heads.

YAZ is Yaz Caramanli from London, England. Although she is a successful artist with over 340,000 Spotify listeners, she also has a popular YouTube channel with 742,000 subscribers. YAZ began making music in 2021 and released her debut single titled, "Mr Valentine" right before Valentine's Day of 2022. In the year 2022, this artist released a total of three singles within the last eight months. Ultimately, YAZ is an up-and-coming artist that music lovers should have on their radar.

Written By Stephanie Berning