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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Own Worst Enemy" - Arin

“Own Worst Enemy” is a smooth pop jam about the lack of self-control, and how oftentimes, your biggest enemy is yourself. You know yourself best, and you know every moment when you decide to “drink in the day while meeting your ex” or when you’re “reminiscing about the past even though you hate it”. Self-policing is difficult, but your own mind is the best thing to push you forward while also the worst thing that’s keeping you back.

Arin uses a unique blend of indie-pop and sparse soundscapes to delve into the melancholy tone of this song. He writes specific and catchy narratives that are guilty things we’ve all found ourselves doing from time to time, highlighting them in hopes of getting himself to break this cycle. The concept of this song is clever and isn’t something that others highlight much in their songs. The toned-down production lets his husky and wispy voice shine as he emulates the vibe of the track.

Arin, an up-and-comer, is a London-based artist who’s bringing a refreshing, unrepeatable twist to the face of electronic music with mellow synths, energetic drums, and intimate lyrics. With his playful take on heart-throbbing pop, Arin’s first skill of note is how he’s able to create realistic and relatable narratives and interesting concepts. Just coming off of a successful EP, Anything, Arin is definitely an artist to take notes from as he continues to venture out into his soundscape.

Written By Megan Cao



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