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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "party" - Carlay

New artist Carlay’s most recent release “party” is a track full of electro pop and synthetic beats, replicating what it feels like to actually be at said party. The pulsation and snaps throughout the song lead the listener from verse to verse and into the chorus. The chorus itself is vocal harmonies and rhythmic vocalizations, while the verses are almost as if Carlay is talking directly to the listener revealing personal secrets. This juxtaposition mimics what it feels like to be at a club or a bar- the music weaving throughout the background while you sit face to face with a stranger spilling your guts.

Her chorus is a simple repeated “da da da” into the lyrics “Wouldn't you love to be like me? / I'm all spent but the night was free”. This is certainly the high of the night- dancing and swaying to the pulse of the music and feeling on top of the world. Her verses are more nuanced, with hard truths like “My name's Carlay / I like to overshare / When I don't care who I'm talking to / I hope that's not rude”, compared to carefree snippets like, “Curve my lips when you serve it on ice / Fruity sips while my friends get high / Silly hips have the time of your life”. The liquor seems to have loosened her lips, which is how she feels comfortable to talk about things like her oversharing tendencies; she doesn’t have the thought to put up her usual boundaries. The second set of lyrics is much more easygoing and relaxed. Her and her friends are out and about, and having the time of their lives.

Carlay has 1,500 monthly Spotify streamers, and has been dubbed as ‘bedroom pop’. Her music has a mix of Lo-Fi, pop, and alternative vibes seamlessly blended together to create tracks her listeners love. She has begun learning how to produce music, and has produced multiple of her own tracks along with performing them. She has a similar vibe to Clairo, Still Woozy, and girl in red. Her other tracks include singles like “laying in bed with my best friend”, “i miss your face” and “backseat”. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Carlay.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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