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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Party Favor" - Maddie Ettrich

Maddie Ettrich releases new track “Party Favor” about one last goodbye when you know the party is officially over. This song tells the all too relatable tale of a couple who knows their relationship is over but has to hang on for one more night. There’s always a reason to prolong the inevitable, but sometimes it’s better to fake a smile for one more day than ruin what’s supposed to be a great night. We’re taught to never be the last one at a party, but our heart doesn’t always get the memo. Although there’s no time like the present, there’s no present like tomorrow. Sometimes all you need is one more dance, one more kiss, and one more night before the sun sets on paradise. Tomorrow will probably hurt like hell, but when the party’s over, do yourself a favor, and give yourself the gift of self-love and starting over.

“Party Favor” shares the melancholy story of holding tight for one more day just to inescapably let go when the lights come on. This is the final song on Maddie’s EP, I think the Party’s Over. She wrote “Party Favor” through tears and turned her pain into a gut-wrenching ballad. The track is consumed with raw emotion and lyrics straight out of a mind’s diary. There is an overwhelming attention to detail that pulls at the heartstrings with every chord from the piano. “Party Favor” is a deeply emotional track that wraps up an otherwise sad experience in a beautiful, little bow.

Maddie Ettrich is a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, Tennessee. At just 25-years-old, Maddie has an old-soul and wisdom that just comes inherently. The Canadian born indie-pop singer on the rise is quite reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo with her heartbreaking realness and reflective vocals. Maddie released her first single “Decaying Candles” in 2022. Her discography is a beautiful metaphor of life’s party. Her EP is a work of art that tells a cinematic pop story, and she’s only just beginning. Do yourself a party favor, and stream Maddie’s latest song now!

Written By Grace Chapman



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