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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Pasteis De Nata" - Saachisen

In her new single “Pasteis De Nata” Saachisen reflects on better times, or rather, the time she spent seeking them. It sounds like a fairytale but, with a different version of a happy ending. No, she doesn’t get the prince, but she’s content on her own. She recognizes her own ability to be happy, the simple pleasures in her life beyond the grandiose ideals she had for her relationship. The sweetness she found in her relationship is not undermined but instead, mourned. With her whimsical and honest voice, “Pasteis De Nata” feels as though Saachisen is telling the story of an old love over a serving of the dessert and a “glass of tap water”. In its simplicity, the song is captivating. Her imagery and refreshingly cinematic approach to songwriting draws in the listener. This makes it not a painful story, but a satisfactory and relatable one. Her hurt is not dwelled on, it is only a conflict in an otherwise sentimental lesson. Saachisen has said she’s found closure within creating the song itself, her emotional ties to the piece are clear and they make it all the more enchanting.

The song begins with outright regrets. Saachisen reflects on what she wishes she had done instead. But, she quickly offers herself sympathy. She remembers how she felt, and why she chose what she did. Over a simple strumming guitar, this offers some clarity on what may otherwise feel overwhelming and leave her lost in confusion. When her words become more introspective “I think I like sweet things ‘cause they mellow the bitter taste” the music swells to match her emotion. After the first chorus, the song doesn’t slow, rather, it picks up into a beautifully synchronic period of instrumentals where Saachisen’s own voice is used as an instrument. Each note, each aspect of the song, comes together perfectly and Saachisen’s logical and mathematical understanding of music is made obvious. This theme continues throughout the rest of the song until, with a breath of relief, Saachisen concludes “at least I’ll know better from now”.

Saachisen is new to the industry in terms of her released songs, but the industry is not new to her. Her parents met in a band and supported her through her youth as she explored her interest in music early on. She went on to study engineering, but never let go of her passion for music. She joined a band and participated in the industry wherever possible, and her critical intelligence has proven to be highly beneficial in expanding her creative endeavors. Now, she has been nominated for a long list of awards including the Abbey Road Studios ‘Topline’ Competition, the UK Songwriting Competition, and Eastern Eye ACTAs. She’s been featured by Atwood Magazine, BBC, the Disney Channel, and many others. She’s, deservingly, being noticed more and more, earning the status of “finalist” in much of her competitions and receiving nothing but compliments in her interviews. I imagine we will only see her status grow with the uniqueness and pure talent found in “Pasteis De Nata”.

Written By Hailey Schap

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