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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "PAYRI$E" - Greta Isaac

The way we deserve to be treated should never be a compromise. Our self-worth isn’t negotiable. Unfortunately, some relationships can make us feel as though we should be bending our standards to make things work. It can be frustrating when you know you deserve better but aren’t sure how to change things. Greta Isaac’s new song, ‘PAYRI$E’, is the push you need to stand up for yourself. Isaac is taking charge, being unapologetic about her demands. She knows her worth and is done settling for less. This pop anthem gives you courage to lace up your boots and demand to be treated the way you deserve.

Isaac does a phenomenal job at creating a catchy track for everyone’s empowerment playlist. The song opens with a bang; explosive pop beats instantly drawing your attention. By the time Isaac’s vocals come in, the listener is already hooked. Her opening lyrics, ‘I don’t think I like you anymore’, had me excited for what was to come. I was intrigued by the relationship we were being introduced to. This isn’t a breakup song, nor is it a storybook romance. Instead, Isaac brings us a relationship that started out great but has since turned into something she isn’t happy with. While there is heartache, the relationship isn’t over. ‘I think that you’re worth it/ but so am I’. These lyrics exemplify Isaac’s stance. She doesn’t want to give up, but if this relationship is to continue, things will have to change. I liked this spin on a romance story and the fact that it didn’t fall into a cliché. The relationship is rocky, but Isaac is being honest with her partner and expressing her changing needs. By telling this story, ‘PAYRI$E’ avoids typical romance tropes and adds something unique to the pop genre.

The UK has brought us countless pop powerhouses and Greta Isaac is another example. Mixing relatable stories and ear-worm melodies, Isaac is carving her own place in the pop music scene. Her explosive and powerful music is quickly garnering a worldwide fanbase. She currently has over three million streams on Spotify and a hundred thousand monthly listeners. Already gaining praise from notable sources such as Wonderland and BBC Radio 1, it seems that we’re just seeing the beginning for Greta Isaac. The music video for ‘PAYRI$E’ is out TODAY! Click the link in the article to watch now.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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