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  • Gillian Mena

Review: "PDA" - Franky

A new anthem for romance songs, Franky’s “PDA” brings a cool tone to her music . With catchy beats and a chill melody, coupled with an upbeat chorus, her newest song is a surefire way to uplift someone's mood. Starting as a more chilled, layback pop song, the song quickly turns more upbeat with the presence of the chorus. The quicker beats and pop-like melody creates a catchy chorus for this song that listeners can relate to.

The electric pop song begins with a simple strong beat in conjunction with a melody. Once the chorus hits however, the song gains more energy, creating an electrifying feeling within the song. The beats grow to be more prominent and the vocals strengthen. Another aspect is the background music to vocal ratio strengthens especially during the chorus, allowing vocals to pop more. Frankie also utilizes a strong lyrical pattern that makes her vocals stand out against the beat of the song.

The Yorkshire (UK) based singer is making strides with her newest single. With over 69 thousand monthly listeners from the US and Europe, her platform has gained much growth over the years. After working with other artists, such as Icona Pop and Cheat Codes, in the past years, she has begun to start focusing on her personal music, and if “PDA” is any indication, her new music is sure to be a hit.

Written By Gillian Mena



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