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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Personal Hell" - Callen

We all have moments where we feel overwhelmed and a little lost in life. “Personal Hell” is about when we feel like this, and we find it difficult to keep going on. So many times, we get stuck and convince ourselves that we’re okay living the way we are, but in reality, we aren’t. Callen goes deeper into these feelings by singing about how we can sometimes look to other people for help or empathy as a way to feel okay. He sings, “All I need/ Is someone to get/ In between/ Me and my anxiety.” While people can provide a distraction for our confusion and problems, it’s not always the best solution.

Listen to "Personal Hell" here:

“Personal Hell” is a mellow tune that lets you focus in on your own problems. The melodic line relies on short repetitive phrases to create a smooth background for Callen’s vocals. The usage of plucked strings adds a unique and interesting touch to the calm bass and allow for this pop song to really come together as something new and fresh and not just be a slow, melancholy, acoustic pop tune. The simplicity of the rhythms in Callen’s song is a nice change of pace from some music we’ve seen in the industry lately. I think the fact that it has minimalistic bass lines and synths makes it a hidden gem within the world of pop. Nothing is too overwhelming and in your face, you can really focus on the meaning of the song and enjoy a nice beat.

Callen is a Nashville based singer and producer. Callen was involved in music from an early age where he started to replicate songs and artists he liked in Ableton. His inspiration for his songwriting today comes from the early 2000’s pop scene. He recently released his debut album, “Ghost Reflections”, where “Personal Hell” is a featured. If you like artists like Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth, you’ll love Callen.

Written By Emily Hancock



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