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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Phenomenon" - Sarah Von Reis

Back again after her stunning debut EP, “Melancholia High School”, Sarah Von Reis has given us “Phenomenon”. Sarah creates a mysterious, cool girl effect through this song. The feeling of being distant yet so close to someone emerges while listening to her melodic tune. By her words blending together in perfect harmony, she creates a unique vibe; she says “Or more precisely, about coming and, in that moment, feeling like you are being resurrected from the dead”. “Phenomenon” allows for your imagination to come forward and take over as you melt into the music.

This song makes you feel like the world has stopped. From each note Sarah releases to every beat of the instruments, your senses will be alive. Describing each move of “Phenomenon” she says, “I chose to use a bass clarinet because it is the hottest instrument out there”. The song becomes more intense with every beat; it feels as if you are being lured in more with every note. Sarah is able to send us into a different universe as she guides us through each psychedelic strum on the guitar and launches us into a space where anything is possible.

Sarah Von Reis is a young musician who has already had her foot in the industry by being a member of the acclaimed band Dolly Style. Sarah later broke up with the band and has branched off to make her own path! Making major strides, this Swedish pop sensation has found her roots in the melodic language of Swedish jazz. By creating a name for herself, she has become a role model for fans by being fearless, talented, powerful, and openly lesbian. Follow Sarah Von Reis below, and don’t forget to listen to “Phenomenon”.

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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