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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Pink Light" - Beeson

‘Everyone is not you’; this phrase was a harsh reality said by a close friend after a year-long entanglement with someone that saw me as a placeholder while I envisioned a life with them. And this friend was right – everyone is not me. Everyone doesn’t behave the same way I would in different situations. Everyone doesn’t openly express their interest or disinterest in people and things to avoid confusion. But most importantly, the hardest truth to swallow is that everyone does not have the same good-natured intentions as me. A sentiment Beeson understands and capsizes on with her single, “Pink Light”.

“Pink Light” is a mellow track with catchy hooks where Beeson softheartedly details her thoughts and feelings after a hook-up that ghosted her. The lyrics that have had a chokehold on me over the past week are: “Can't blame you / For being just an average / Figment of my best assumptions”. These lyrics have a versatile nature and can be applied to multiple romantic scenarios. Now to be clear, just because the artist assumed their ‘ghostly’ muse would have the same intentions as them within this dynamic does not justify the muse’s actions in any way, shape, or form. Ghosting is immature and only proves the ‘ghoster’ has a great deal of character development ahead of them. And those lyrics are not supposed to be a justification either, but more so a self-realization for Beeson and those that lead with the heart like Beeson that others are not always leading with the same compassionate consciousness.

Beeson, better known as Jane Beeson, is a singer and songwriter based in Provo, Utah. Beeson’s soulful vocals and alt-pop tracks have made her something of a local celebrity within Provo. She’s even participated in some incredible local benefits and shows such as the Halcyon Benefit Concert that provided aid to Ukraine. Beeson has an upcoming performance as well! Utah natives and locals from surrounding areas have the chance to see Beeson perform next weekend! Beeson will be one of the musical talents featured at Fork Fest 2022, next Saturday, June 11th. The festival starts at 12:00 pm MDT, and tickets are still available. So, treat yourself to a weekend getaway and enjoy Beeson live!

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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