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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Player 2" - 7000apart

Relationship dynamics can be onerous to navigate and shape. Two people with different experiences, desires, needs, and ambitions can find themselves lost in trying to blend their lives in a healthy and satisfying way. The latest single from pop-duo, 7000apart, titled "Player 2" expresses the heartache of this experience. Dreamy synths and strings give the song a soft quality, allowing the resonant and hammering percussion and piano to crash through like waves. As they navigate an evolving perspective on life, the duo reckons with the tunnel-vision this can create in a relationship. They argue that relationships shouldn't be seen as the limitation to experiencing life.

The verses of this song chart Eiding's personal trajectory in life. These center around her relationship with ambitions and goals. "Dreams aren't reachable / when you aim way too far," she remarks in the second verse: an implication of failure. But as the resounding chorus crashes through, these ideologies are contextualized by a relationship. They never directly connect these two ideas, but their proximity speaks for itself. Two people with unique experience and dreams can often view relationships as a limiting factor to managing life. "The world should be big enough for the both of us." The song reverberates as a plea to find strength in togetherness—not challenge.

7000apart is the pop project of husband and wife duo, Amelie Eiding and Jon Kresin. They met when Amelie Eiding attended high school in the US, creating the project upon separation when she returned home to Sweden (7000 kilometers away). Their previous releases, such as their debut album We Are More in 2019, achieved them acclaim and brought them to higher stages to share their art. Feel Your Feelings is the title of their upcoming sophomore record; the group is collaborating with GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer FEMKE. The couple's music focuses on mental health and sharing their experience and journey with its highs and lows.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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