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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Poem Song" - Lily Kershaw

Mental illness is an epidemic that has yet to make positive progress in our world. There's a lot of people who struggle with depression, sadness, stress and unbearable loneliness. Luckily, music acts as a therapy for those of us who need an emotional outlet; whether it's creating the music yourself or just listening. "Poem Song" by Lily Kershaw is one of those songs to lift you up and help you see that you're not alone in this world. "Poem Song" is about digging yourself out of that dark hole you've been living in, and learning to love yourself and give yourself grace. It's about realizing that you're strong enough to get yourself into a better mental state.

"Poem Song" is a stunning piano ballad, with hints of folk and contemporary music. Lily has a stunning, classic vocal tone with effortless vibrato that really amplifies the emotion of this song. The painfully relatable lyrics speak to the hearts of many who have also felt this same type of depressive state that Lily wrote about here. Lily wrote "Poem Song" to help her through a time when her mental health wasn't at it's best. It started out as a nine minute voice memo of Lily letting her thoughts flow, and it was turned into this stunning experience of a song.

Lily Kershaw is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who kicked officially kicked off her music career in 2013 with her debut album, "Midnight in the Garden". Now 11 years later, Lily has managed to release quite a handful of breakthrough songs, gaining millions of streams across all platforms and having a loyal 400,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify. "Poem Song" is the fifth single released in anticipation of her third album, "Pain & More" which is set to release this fall of 2024. The album is themed around mental health and Lily's personal, life-long struggles with depression. If you liked "Poem Song", make sure to check out the other recent singles, "Depreshmode", "Living Room Parties", "Love Is a Dark Comedy", and "Americandream"!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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