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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Poltergeist" - Kaeley Jade

The upbeat candor of Kaeley Jade's outstanding new single, "Poltergeist," exorcizes the pain haunting its core. Drawing upon an omnivorous palette of swooning folk, jiving chamber-pop, and cacophonous indie rock, the singer/songwriter fills each of the song's walls with her most vivid colors. What would typically be laments on a relationship past its expiration date are instead infused with cathartic indignation. It's easy to hear her voice as joyous—triumphant even. Describing rattling teeth and spine shivers through an amused grin, the specter at the center of "Poltergeist" may look more like a kid in a sheet. The only way to stop a ghost from haunting you, Jade suggests, is by turning on the brightest of lights.

"I need more than the ghost of you," is hammered into the DNA of "Poltergeist." As she repeats it, like a chant, the words become a mantra for self-advocacy in a relationship. The reverberating percussion she sparsely peppers into the mix almost, amusingly, sound like ghosts causing a ruckus in a haunted house. Otherwise, however, the production takes on a lush and clear tone—rootsy strings, indie-rock bass, and a dance-pop drum beat. The flawless marrying of several genres and references is a testament to Jade's musical talent. As the final chorus is amped up to arena-ready, anthemic levels, she repeats the aforementioned chant until no spirits could possibly reside.

Edmonton-based singer/songwriter, Kaeley Jade, debuted in 2020 with her EP "Years Ago." She has established herself for her earthly and vibrant indie pop blended with lush and introspective poetry. Performing since the age of nine, Jade has honed her musical talent and writing skills to complexly explore human relationships. Also working as an actor and visual artist, her impressive artistic versatility compounds to a unique and particularly fresh musical perspective. "Poltergeist" shows Jade as an artist prepared to explore new sounds and surprise audiences.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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