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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Potential" - ROSIE

Music stands as a powerful tool to explore what we feel and express how we feel. Listening to the songs of 23-year-old singer/songwriter ROSIE, I can hear both the discovery and interpretation of her own feelings and experiences. Her latest song, "Potential," is an explosive epiphany. At it's peak, ROSIE stands at the center of its devastating force, controlling it with her impassioned vocal performance. Layers of vocal harmonies, crashing cymbals, and the bittersweet pulse of a piano all lift the singer/songwriter to the stars. It's stadium-sized, but gains its momentum in the production nuances and clever pacing. The second verse reflects the sparse piano balladry of the previous, but maintains the chorus' pace and momentum with its thumping beat. Listen closely and you'll notice little flickers and echoes of synths, as though they're apparitions from miles away. "Potential" is a magnificent display of scale: intimate and ornate, towering and unrestrained. In its totality: awe-striking.

The body of "Potential" is immaculately summed up in its chorus: "When I fell, I thought you were special, but I fell for your potential." In just one couplet, ROSIE dismantles the person she had built up in her mind. The song serves as a sort of post-mortem on a relationship, reflecting on the justifications and excuses that she made for their mistakes. "I made up so much of you," she winces, "wishing one day it'd be true." On paper it can read fatalist, but ROSIE's performance gives the words a sanguine twist. Instead of going down in the fiery missile of "Potential," you can hear the artist using it for catharsis. Healing is not just about seeing the bright side of every grim picture, but knowing your worth and pressing forward.

23-year-old singer/songwriter ROSIE puts transparency at the forefront of her artistry. Her songwriting pairs indelible arrangements with honest and direct lyricism, rapidly connecting the New York native with a devoted audience. ROSIE first gained significant traction with the release of her 2020 breakup ballad, "Never the 1." Across her discography, ROSIE shares the vast range of nuanced emotion and experience. "Potential" arrives as the lead single towards her sophomore EP, 5 Songs For Healing, which will release on June 23rd. ROSIE has also announced her first headlining tour, with dates and venues listed on her website.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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