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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Praising You" - Rita Ora x Fatboy Slim

Pop legend Rita Ora and electronic mix master Fatboy Slim collaborate on the EDM song of the summer, “Praising You.” When the loving is right, it’s a religious experience. Your bedroom becomes Sunday Church; His kiss has you speaking in tongues, and you’re on your knees for much more than prayer. You’ve suddenly found something much bigger to believe in, and this is a god who encourages a little sin. A spiritual connection with another person can transcend any dimension, any rulebook, and any understanding from covetous bystanders. When you find someone who reconnects you with your soul and desires, they deserve some admiration. You can scream it from a rooftop to millions of onlookers, or whisper it when the lights go down, and the world feels like you’re the only two left. However you proclaim your eternal gratitude, praise the one who made you fall back in love with yourself and has given you a refreshed perspective on the life you’ve always craved; praise them earnestly; praise them enthusiastically… and praise them often.

“Praising You” is a rework of Fatboy Slim’s Grammy-nominated, chart-topping “Praise You” that sampled Camille Yarbough’s “Take Yo’ Praise," celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Rita Ora and Fatboy Slim take this cult anthem and turn it into a surefire summer anthem. “Praising You” draws the classic piano riff and feel-good chorus of the original and introduces Rita’s tantalizing take on the story. The holy lyrics exist as a delicious metaphor for the entrancing nature of love. “Praising You” is the newest release from eagerly awaited album You & I. As Rita declares in the opening of the stimulating dance song, “I been gone for a minute. Been low key minding my business,” it’s abundantly clear this album is a labor of love. You & I is Rita’s most diaristic project yet, and it’s an exclusive glimpse into her mind’s diary over the last few years. Fatboy Slim’s 1999 classic “Praise You” was an incredibly influential song from Rita’s childhood, and she calls collaborating with him and getting the opportunity to pay homage “truly a surreal experience.” From their chance meeting one late night in the Naughty Corner at Glastonbury, an unlikely friendship and eccentric collaboration was inevitable. Setting a much-needed, positive example of praising your loved ones and proudly celebrating those incomparable relationships, Rita Ora is a powerhouse pop icon, and she is humbled and honored to breathe new life into this cult favorite and re-introduce it to an entirely new generation.

Rita Ora is an international, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter from the UK who has taken the world by storm. With over 10 billion streams, four #1 UK singles, seven Top 10 hits on Billboard's Dance Club Songs Chart, five of which reached #1, and impressive record of most Top 10 singles for a British female artist in history of the UK, her talent and ability to reach her audience speaks for itself. On July 14th, Rita will release her highly anticipated third album, You & I, featuring “You Only love Me,” lauded “a finely crafted ode to complicated romance” by Billboard. Working with executive producer Oak Fedler, Rita has created a masterpiece conceptually threaded together to reveal the different chapters of her relationship. With her latest, high-spirited record about falling beautifully and instinctually in love, it’s undeniable Rita is at the top of her game with her new, complete artistic control. Pre-save and pre-order You & I, and mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 9th as Rita will make her debut, global-exclusive performance of “Praising You” at the Eurovsion Song Contest semi-final. While we feverishly wait for You & I, stream “Praising You” now, and give Rita Ora and Fatboy Slim ample love and well-deserved praise on their socials below!

Written By Grace Chapman




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