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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Pressure Makes Diamonds" - Nina Nesbitt

Navigating societal pressures in today’s culture is difficult and tiring. Nina Nesbitt expresses this frustration in her new single, “Pressure Makes Diamonds”. She sings about the contradicting “rules” women must follow to be respected in society. She mentions the heartbreaking notion that women are only as important as their sex appeal. This song is relatable to young women everywhere trying to survive in this patriarchal system. In the pre-chorus she sings, “Everybody asks me when I’ll settle down and marry// Get a house out in the country// Have a baby, but I’m sorry// I’m just tryna make it through the bullshit flying at me”. This is such an important set of lyrics to so many women. We are constantly asked questions about these traditional patriarchal milestones. Nesbitt fights back by stating she cannot even think about things like that at her current stage of life. She has responsibilities and ambitions that are different than being a wife and a mother at this time. The pressure that this world is putting on her, and all women, is overwhelming. Sometimes we feel like we cannot make it through this burden. The pressure is often too much. But in the end, it will be okay, because pressure makes diamonds.

“Pressure Makes Diamonds” is the ultimate woman empowerment anthem. The intro guitar riff immediately catches the attention of the listener, setting up a smooth, easy-to-listen to track. In the song, Nesbitt even states that she wants to take the pressures of life and “Turn it into something catchy// And then make it into money”. This cheeky line stands out to the listener as Nesbitt is proving her ability to make such catchy songs. The music video accompanying the song shows off Nesbitt’s fun side by using unique costumes and satirical characters to highlight the lyrics to the song. She is poking fun of the character molds that women are forced into. Nesbitt takes this serious topic that so many women struggle with, and turns it into a fun, lighthearted bop. The lyrics flow effortlessly with the production, making it impossible to not want to sing along. “Pressure Makes Diamonds” is a song that will be on the top of every woman’s empowerment playlist.

Nina Nesbitt is a Scottish singer, songwriter, and producer. She learned to play the guitar at fifteen years old, then later learned to play the piano and flute. When she heard Taylor Swift’s sophomore album, Fearless, she immediately felt drawn to the song “Fifteen”. This prompted her to post her first cover on YouTube. The positive feedback she received is what inspired her to begin writing her own material. Fast forward nearly a decade, Nesbitt was shouted out by Swift herself when accepting her “Woman of the Decade” award at the 2019 Billboard Women in Music award. Nesbitt’s discography consists of 2 studio albums, 8 extended play albums, and several collaborations. “Pressure Makes Diamonds” is Nesbitt’s third single from her upcoming album, Älskar, which will be released on September 2nd.

Written By Karlee Smith



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