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  • Megan Cao

Review: "pretend." - CAii

“pretend.” is an honest and raw look at refusing to sit down and talk about the problems in a relationship; instead, pretending that everything is perfectly fine. Sometimes, the healthiest choice for you to do is to walk away, but no one wants to let go of the comfort and care that a relationship gives them. But the best choice for you may not always be shared by your partner, and when both of you know a relationship is inevitably going to end, it’s hard to come to terms with that. It’s almost safer to tiptoe around the problem and hope that it’ll go away. CAii’s vulnerable emotions convey the complex feelings of coming to terms with the fact that maybe, this relationship isn’t a right fit.

CAii’s stunning vocal work adds life to her already poignant lyrics. As she belts out and pours all of her emotions into the words, the resigned lyrics are contrasted by the slightly more upbeat production, adding a hopeful note to the entire atmosphere of the song. By fusing her raw lyrics among dramatic production, CAii gives us the language to speak about the problems we may be facing in our everyday lives. Her masterful use of the pen effortlessly brings her narratives into something of substance that anyone can empathize with.

CAii, born in Manchester, UK, is a singer-songwriter and producer of outspoken, defiant, autobiographical pop music referencing mental health issues, toxic relationships, and communication as a young woman. Writing songs since she was 4, she grew up influenced by artists from Britney Spears to Nina Simone. Feeling stifled when working with producers in a traditional pop direction, she sought creative control to curate her own unique sound. CAii’s songwriter fuses her raw pen-honed lyrics with soaring vocals, reminiscent of modern pop princesses with contemporary productions and fierce feminist undertones. CAii has much to show for herself, but she’s just getting started.

Written By Megan Cao



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