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  • Emylee Herring

Review: Pretty Traumatized - Sadye

“Pretty Traumatized” is a new single by Sadye. This song has an upbeat feeling with lyrics that tell a dark and personal story. Sadye has experienced a battle with cancer and this song is dedicated to the emotional journey that came along with it. Sadye said for herself that this song is the root of her escapism and that is a beautiful thing. She took something so raw and personal and created art with it. This song is in the dark alt pop genre.  It is written with a combination of synths and beats giving it a high energy sound.

All of us have gone through a difficult situation through life experiences.  Some of these experiences leave us feeling small, broken, and vulnerable.  If it happens too often, we may become numb to emotion. While Sadye has a specific story to tell, listeners may be able to relate it to their own experiences. The lines “I’m pretty traumatized, I feel the pain and I don’t even cry” really captures what one might feel when living through a challenging part of their life. There is another line in the song she uses to describe herself that says "Sad and sweet, perfectly horrified." I love how simplistic she keeps the lyrics while discussing something so dark and deep to her.


Sadye is a small town singer-songwriter on her journey as a musician. She brings new experimental sounds and styles to the music industry. She has a story to share so check out her latest single “Pretty Traumatized” as well as her other music. “Pretty Traumatized” is the perfect song to listen to if you’re feeling out of your own body but need something high energy. It also has a nice rhythm that makes it enjoyable to sing and dance to. You won't be able to get this song out of your head with how catchy it is. Support Sadye and check her out on the social medias linked below.


Written By Emylee Herring



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