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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Pull Me Down" - Ari Tahan

“Pull Me Down” is an empowering pop anthem against toxic relationships and narcissists. Through her narrative and lyrics, she paints a clear portrait of how a toxic relationship is for her: feeling like you would never be enough and hiding your emotions. But Tahan takes a stance, finding herself and her identity and marking her presence, standing strong and tall because nobody can ever ‘pull me down’.

From the first hit of the drums, the track sets the atmosphere. As it progresses, it snowballs in intensity and drive, with Tahan’s voice growing fuller and commanding the soundscape to bend to her will, her charisma oozing out of the melodies. The catchy rhythms with infectious hooks and beats instantly set the scene. The bridge showcases a softer side, Tahan’s voice dripping with vulnerability and pain, accompanied by soft acoustics before the song races back to the climax.

Ari Tahan, based in Guildford, Surrey, seeks to use her stories and experiences to connect and move those who care to listen. Her powerful lyrics and melodies add emotion and soul to every story she cares to tell. Influenced by artists like Adele, Avril Lavigne, and Joss Stone, she co-wrote her first EP ‘Closure’ with well-respected singer-songwriter, Judie Tzuke. She’s received ongoing support from BBC Introducing on every single release being chosen as “Track of the Week” and performing in the BBC Live Lounge. Ari Tahan’s broadening the world of lyrics and relatability, and her next project is to feature the many ways she’s matured.

Written By Megan Cao



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