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  • Madison Spies

Review: "Quarter-Life Crisis" - Jeremy Shayne

The raw, emotional, pop-infused ballad titled ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ from artist Jeremy Shayne offers a unique perspective to listeners through pop music. While some pop music songs offer a look into love, loss, etc., this track from Shayne blends these concepts together and produces a fresh look into a subject revolving around money, structure, youth, and struggle. Lyrics such as, “But a drink with friends there’s my money well spent,” and, “I’m 24 and don’t have savings,” spoke to me on a deep, personal level. In my opinion, especially when you’re young, it’s very easy to seemingly forget your troubles by spending your money on things that make you feel good in the moment / for a short period of time. Although this song is not explicitly geared toward a Gen-Z audience, Shayne’s mention of the specific age of 24 and experiencing financial struggle, as well as needing something to open a pathway toward stability in a career, offers an opportunity for Gen-Z / a younger audience to connect with the song. In addition, the lyrics are incredibly human and can speak for a large portion of the general population. Everyone struggles with figuring their life out, and with Shayne’s track, you’re offered an opportunity to explore those feelings and connect with others.

Shayne opens the track with soft piano and a floating voice while delving into his personal thoughts and concerns. He frets over having a sufficient amount of money, feeling lost at an age where things are constantly evolving, and wanting better for himself. He details specific experiences such as not having money saved for rent, pushing back against the vices he uses, and wondering if “one hit song” could melt away his worries. Although the track has melancholic tones, there are layers implemented in both Shayne’s voice and the instrumental aspects that boost a more pop-ambience to the song. One of his used instrumental aspects, the introduction of drums around the midpoint of the track, emphasizes a period in the song where Shayne discusses how time may help his situation. The use of the drums brings your attention to the feeling of confusion and impatience that comes with waiting for a break and/or an exciting opportunity to happen for you, providing a break-away point from the first half of the song and a direction toward a resolution. This song is both complex and easy to listen to, creating a more separate listening experience from other pop music. Especially for the youth of today, Shayne wonderfully crafts a song that is both relatable and enjoyable to lend listening ears to.

Producer, writer, and performer Jeremy Shayne began his career in music by producing beats at the age of 18. Before wanting to create music, Shayne originally wanted to be an airline pilot because of the feeling airports bring him and his general love for planes. Growing up, he was inspired by artists like Jesse McCartney, Justin Bieber, and Jon Bellion in his later teenage years. Shayne claims that Bellion was a significant reason why he started to produce and bring focus to crafting music. In a Q&A with Beyond the Stage Magazine, Shayne described his music as, “pop meets cinematic,” along with elements like pop synths and orchestral strings. By 2020, after releasing singles such as ‘Care’ from 2017 that gained attraction to his music, Shayne was featured on the television program ‘NBC Songland’ and performed for artists Ryan Tedder, Julia Michaels, etc. On his social media, you can find him covering songs such as ‘Somebody Else’ by The 1975 and ‘As It Was’ by Harry Styles. He is currently working on releasing new music and has been featured in several LA fashion-based events.

Written By Madison Spies



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