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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “Radio” - Modern Temple

“Radio” is a fresh electro-pop single. The duo has a unique sound that is reminiscent of Crafted Child and La Roux. This track has funky and alternative elements that blend to create a new sound. Inspired by their faith, the artist made a song pleading for guidance when things feel out of control. Although the vocalist feels as though things are hectic, their faith and spirit are never broken. Overall, this single is a catchy electronic pop indie song that audiences will have stuck in their head and playing on repeat.

The song begins as if the listener is being transported back in time. The sound is similar to if a person were able to rewind a radio. In the second verse, the singer lowers his tone and shows the range of his voice with his raspy low vocals. A highlight of the track is the bridge with a cool and funky instrumental. The vocals fade during the bridge but shine in the final chorus. The vocalist is able to complement the electro-beat with a high and smoogh falsetto.

Modern Temple is comprised of Texan husband and wife Dustin Moreau and Ellie Moreau. The pair are devoted Christians, who are inspired by their faith and create music that subtly reflects their religious beliefs. The couple released their debut single in August of 2019 titled, “True Life”. Although the duo has released a total of 10 singles, they have not yet released an album or EP. These musicians have over 15,000 Spotify monthly listeners

as well.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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