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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Rainfall" - Anthony Benjamin

The latest single from London artist, Anthony Benjamin, is an addicting love letter to 80's synth-pop. Electronic key chords provide an anchor for Benjamin's modulated vocals to whirl around. It allows for the song's shining moment—the bridge—to feel even more magical in their absence. As nebulous in lyrical concept as it is in sound, "Rainfall" is a vivid expression of pure feeling. With modern sensibilities, Anthony Benjamin uses 80's synth-pop as a vehicle to drive a lucid fantasy.

"Rainfall, hear my call," Anthony Benjamin sings in the electric chorus. What it is he's referring to only becomes more of a puzzle. "Everything changed when the rain came around," he remarks in the bridge. Rather than shutting us out, however, this abstract nature becomes a mystifying and evocative quality. Strings swerving through the mix, synths glittering each corner, and a dance floor drum beat all make for perfect ingredients to a tune you'll never get out of your head. "Rainfall" is a phenomenal pop song full of curiosity and mystery. But it's the unanswered questions you're left with that provide it that concrete feeling.

Anthony Benjamin is a London-based artist. He began releasing music in 2020 with a three-track EP. Since, Benjamin has released a slew of fantastic pop singles at an impressive rate. His motto seems to be "The world is mad, then there's music!" The artist does reveal demos, answer questions, and more on his instagram linked below. "Rainfall" is just the tip of the iceberg for this growing artist.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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