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  • Miles Tutor

Review: "Red Flags White" - Liv Charette

"I'm bleaching those red flags white tonight!" is the common phrase on Liv Charette's hot new single titled "Red Flags White" which revolves around the red flags that wave around a relationship and trying to conform with the red flags by turning the canvas to white and starting over. Everyone is in the negative in a relationship and sometimes we have to change the synesthetic-esque color of the companionship by either agreeing to start over and break bad habits OR agreeing to break up altogether. Most relationships create those red flags BUT it's how we escape those zones of red that can lead to the stage of solace and then the stage of peace again.

This song is a disco-pop jam! The synthesizers being used from start to finish in the song are upbeat and injects so much enthusiasm into the instrumentation of the song. Liv has so much range with her vocals and sings very heartfelt about getting out of these bad habits and bad relationships. The repetition of the chorus creates a great catchiness to a fragment of the tune near the end and the rhythm of the instrumental fits so well together with Liv's vocals. NO RED FLAGS HERE!

Liv Charette is a Canadian-American singer and songwriter who has called the Music City of Nashville, Tennessee home for a while. A former figure skater turned musician has been creating music and performing live at various events around the country. Not only is "Red Flags White" a hit but check out Liv's newest single titled "Game Over." Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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