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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Regrets" - Emei

Sometimes thinking about what we’ve been through can lead us to spiral. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole filled with the mistakes and lessons we’ve learned—and honestly, sometimes it feels like they didn’t serve us with any good life lessons. They build themselves so high in our heads, making us scrunch our faces and try to shake the memory away so it’ll never come up again. So late at night, with these regrets rushing through our minds, it can feel frustrating—which is precisely what Emei explains in her newest single, “Regrets”. In a light-hearted sarcastic list with a fun vibe, she brings us a view of what it’s like in her head, going through the chaotic thoughts she can’t change.

It starts like a slow ballad, simply starting with the words, “Shouldn’t have gone to college, should have been born a millionaire” sending us on her slow descent into pesky regrets. Things we know better about now always seem like the stupidest decisions we’ve made. She slowly builds the frustration in her words, going deeper by harsher regrets like, “The way I never listened/the way I should’ve tried to/ones I tried controlling/the ones who left me hopeless”. The song dives into an alt-pop/pop-rock mood, hitting the feeling of how hopeless it is to dwell on these things we can’t change by keeping the chorus soft and slow. It’s a dump of every regret Emei has had, dumping it all out with her frustration in the form of a song.

Emei is an alt-pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. With this newest single, “Regrets” we’re getting the last single leading up to her upcoming debut EP that is set to come out October 26th. She’s known for her witty and charming lyrics paired with lingering melodies. Still, she might have come across your feed once or twice when she released her single, “Late to the Party”—one of the many fantastic singles the artist has written since starting to release her music on American platforms during the pandemic.

Written by Jane Katryn



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