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Review: "Remember" - Joost Lamèris

In the course of our lives, we construct connections with loved ones, friends, and romantic partners. Relationships, on the other hand, can also become toxic, trying to remind us of all the pain we convey from the mental images that plague our minds. However, Joost Lamèris' new hit song "Remember" assists people who are haunted by their previous and current toxic situations. Remember is an incredibly well-written song about letting go of previous toxic relationships that controlled your mind, heart, and soul and breaking free from those chains. This electro-pop instrumental, combined with Joost's lovely, harmonizing voice, gives the impression of gliding through the air, free of worries and cares. The lyric "how to let go" is repeated. The repeated lyric "how to let you go" and the final words "I let you go" tie the song's story together as the person or Joost finally let go of the past. The song's meaning is that by breaking the loop we confide in ourselves, and we can find peace within ourselves. I strongly recommend this song to anyone who is dealing with these issues.

"Remember" is a song that you can hear all the time, and it was created with great care and emotion. It's a slow, electro-pop ballad. The use of reverb flows the smooth, slow-tempo song. Despite the theme of toxic relationships and letting go, the lyrics remain soft, soothing, and flowing. The music video is beautifully produced and depicts the symbolism sung in the song. A stylish video with each of his outfits fits with the overall vibe of the song. Overall, the music and the video production are fantastic and they ought to be added to your playlist.

Joost Lamèris is a Dutch singer-songwriter who began playing the violin, piano, and guitar at a young age. He began singing and writing songs, and his dreams became a reality. His mellow vibes, powerful lyrics, and a blend of indie and pop create a chill song that draws listeners in. He sings about mental health, love, contentment, and self-doubt, among other things. Joost Lamèris is a fantastic singer who sings from the heart. It is without a doubt a gifted songwriter and a fantastic singer. Make sure you're listening to "Remember" if you're looking for a chill, powerful song.

Written By ShatteredSoul

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