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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "remember" - youcallmecarla

We’re all deserving of a happy and healthy environment, full of love and comfort. It affects our mood, thoughts, emotions, and even the outcome of our days. Its extremely difficult when an important figure in your life, such as a parent, is bringing a toxic environment into the home that’s interfering with your daily life, as well as your connection with them. youcallmecarla’s latest single, “remember,” is a personal, yet relatable song to many. Due to her fans finding comfort in someone going through the same thing, Carla develops a deeper connection with her fans as the lyrics express what they’ve all wanted to say, or have been feeling, in a time where they thought they were alone.

This song can also be relatable for those in either toxic friendships or romantic relationships. The message is the same - that sometimes, it's better to just let go even if its hard. It's okay to desire a feeling of freedom and peace - a feeling that you used to have, even if it means having to distance yourself from someone that means a lot to you. It's especially hard for it to be a parent, though. From beginning to end, we follow Carla’s thought process and realization into the way her fathers behavior has become worse and turned negative overtime with fights, (“Never easy, never right. Not a day without a fight. And all I remember is thinking this can’t be it”) to wanting to never feel love for him again, (“I could never, I could never, I could never love you again") and to eventually wanting this feeling to go away so she can feel normal again (“I just want to be free.”) It was a gutting feeling for her to see her father changing and no longer being the man that she remembered raising her. She does admit that her attempts at forgetting him have failed because he does have a good side. She fights with herself by going back and forth of not wanting a part of him left in her. It's a difficult thing for her to do because it’s her father of all people: “I couldn’t forget you even if I tried. Cause I also know you’ve got some good sides. And even if I don’t want it to be, there’s still a part of you left in me.”

Carla Freude, aka youcallmecarla, is a 23 year-old German singer and songwriter. Her music career started at the age of 15 where she began writing songs. Her storytelling lyrics take you through a journey. Her songs tend to be personal and sad, yet extremely real and relatable in a way where you can find comfort in both her soothing voice and the lyrics. She says what a lot of us want to say, but have a hard time finding the words for. Keep up with youcallmecarla for future releases by clicking on the links below, and check out her latest single, “remember,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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