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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Rent Free" - Siena Liggins

Some people get songs stuck in their heads, others have people stuck there. With each passing minute, a thought pops up of what they're doing, where they're going, and who they are doing it with. This person is Living rent-free in your mind without any plans to break the lease. Siena Liggins knows the feeling but she won't let that stop her from having a good time. This flirtatious record is exactly what anyone would need to forget what a typical breakup feels like. Rent Free is a song filled with reminders to get out and enjoy your life. Learn to have fun and live it up while you still can regardless if that person is still taking up space in your head.

Rent Free is the product of two times. With the heavy bass bumps and soprano vocals, the songs have traces of 2000s nostalgia. Siena takes these elements and merges them seamlessly with modern or futuristic synthesizers that ping off the record and create a playful atmosphere. Aspects of old and new are present in this infectious bubbly pop anthem that'll get you moving and out of your seat after one listen. Flirtatious lyrics accompany the playfulness of the track. Playing off the modern phrase “living rent free in my head” and using it to turn classic break-up songs on their head. The track recognizes the constant reminder of your ex-partner and still urges the listener to enjoy life and have fun regardless of it. Rent Free is released in anticipation of the release of FLOOZY Siena’s upcoming album. The album will feature Rent Free along with other tracks that encapsulate Siena’s unique connection to the pop genre and the fun ways she uses it.

Siena Liggins is a military brat turned pop sensation. With nearly 300 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, her talent is not going unrecognized. The Atlanta-based star tends to find herself rubbing shoulders with futuristic soundscapes and uses this to put a unique spin on the pop genre. Siena stands ahead of the rest with her records playful atmosphere and personality. Her new album solidifies this with the way it teeters the line between candy pop nostalgia and futuristic hyper pop. Her sound may be what grips the audience but everyone is staying for her unique writing style. Each lyric written is a different point of view into the typical pop arsenal. The way Siena uses her experiences to create unique-sounding songs both lyrically and sonically is phenomenal and will keep any listener on their toes.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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