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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Revisionist History" - Eva Rose

Eva Rose’s “Revisionist History” is the perfect transition song into fall. When the leaves start turning, the air gets an eerie chill, and we can’t help but think about lovers we left behind. What’s unique about this track is that she is not a scorned woman looking for revenge, and she is not a devoted woman looking for anything that resembles a second chance, she is a healed woman who has grieved the breakup and understands her own wrongdoings, and she just wants to make sure he’s doing okay. It’s a sad reality when someone who was such an overwhelming presence in your life, and heart, becomes nothing but a ghost in your memories past. You wonder if they’d say hi at the supermarket at look right through you like they never laid with you. Someone has to be the bigger person and make a move for cordiality, but it’s harder said than done. We can go over a breakup a million times over in our head, like it’s our favorite sad, comfort movie, and we can acknowledge our faults and reasonings, but we can never be sure if the same film plays on the projector of their mind, or is it a horror film starring me. In life, it's hard to move on without closure, especially if we think we’re the bad guy in someone else’s story. Everyone can relate to wanting a do over. Mistakes we made have a way of haunting us and leaving us to reside in our past mistakes. We can rewrite our stories every night in our bed as our head hits our pillows and our mind wonders to would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. We can even justify our own behavior and change some details in our head, but even if we write a completely different book, it doesn’t change the chapters of those we hurt, and we have no idea how big our part is in their story. Are we the protagonist? The antagonist? A quirky side character with not much important? Or are we the Climax? We wonder if they look back on us with fond memories and a warm heart, or if they look back and wish they never laid eyes on us. Sometimes we will never know if we are the hero or the enemy in another’s biography, and that’s okay. We learn through our mistakes, especially the ones that haunt us. We do better, we be better, and we hope, even for a moment, when they think of us, they smile and are deeply comforted that are lives were intertwined.

This song is a unique perspective on a past relationship. Majority of the time we hear heartbroken ballads of remorse and regret, this is a song about actually being okay with the split and already mourned the loss of that person, and she just wonders how he’s doing and if he found his happy too.”Revisionist History” is a catchy song that will be screamed in the shower, played on repeat as you take the long way home, and the perfect getting ready music for a wine night with the girls. You’ll end up taking 3 hours to finish your makeup because you can’t help but dance around and use your hairbrush as a microphone. This song contains captivating guitar riffs and vivacious drum beats that combine to make this a melodic masterpiece. Eva has an ethereal voice and an impressive grasp on rhythm. She has a youthfulness to her voice that makes you want to listen and a maturity to her voice that makes you want to learn. She is a powerhouse with the ability to also show off her softer side through her enchanting, dynamic voice. This song will be stuck in your head due to her dynamic lyrics and compelling tempo, and and we will wish for no revisionist history on that.

Eva Rose began her music journey at the ripe age of 11 after her father, a fellow self-taught guitarist, introduced her to the alt-rock legends of the 90’s and early ‘2000s. She picked up an electric guitar and just began to shred like her great influences: Avril Lavigne, The Killers, Weezer and Paramore. These idols seeped into Eva’s life and love of music, and she wrote her first song at 16. Eva has a knack for writing captivating songs and creating impressive melodies. Eva, a Los Angeles native, broke into the music scene in 2018 with her debut single, “Never Know That”, and “Revisionist History” is just one of the incredible tracks on her sophomore EP Everything You Wished For. Eva has a wise perspective on love, breakups, and feminism. She empowers women with her music and raw lyrics. She has charmed audiences in New York City and Los Angeles, and she continues to create new music which is sure to take the world by storm.

Written By Grace Chapman



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