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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Rewind" - Cristina Hart

They say when you hit adulthood it’s time to set aside frivolous things like parties and focus on the future. They say spontaneity and excitement have to take a back seat to logic and reason. But really what is the problem with having excitement in your life at all ages? Why should society's ageist standards dictate what we want to do with our lives? It shouldn’t and Cristina Hart knows that better than anyone. Her new track Rewind is a party anthem dedicated to anyone who feels the pull of their heartstrings whenever a beat drops. Life shouldn't stop just because society says it's time.

Rewind is an earworm in its rawest form. Not only is the instrumental to die for with its booming bass lines and sensational synths. The track is also filled to the brim with heart. Rewind is about wanting to live life to the fullest your entire life not just in youth. You get this from the lyrics right away but it's the passion in Cristina’s vocal performance that brings out this idea. The track has a bit of a pop-punk underbelly that adds to a gritty element. The grit and twinkling synths perfectly round out the track. No one could resist moving while this record was playing. The youthfulness of the track could make anyone ready to live until they die.

Rewind is the third addition to Cristina Hart’s recent singles. The Swiss-born artist dropped Rewind as the first offering from her upcoming EP Online Therapy. A five-track record that will explore the main themes of life. Love loss and everything in between. Hart is a London-based singer/songwriter who has been making waves in the UK Pop scene for some time. Her most recent tracks have garnered her a quickly growing fanbase that can’t be ignored. Her popularity is a sign that this songstress is here to stay. Cristina Hart is the here and the now of pop music.

Written By Kaiana Lee


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