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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "River" - Candace Sosa

Being in a relationship comes with many ups and downs. Sometimes you thrive in your relationship, it's a safe place between you and your partner. Other times that safe space can be corrupted by the prying eyes of the judgmental outside world. From first-hand experience, I know it can be hard to hide your true self from the world. The looks and the judgment can become overwhelming and before you gain the courage to stand up it can all be too much. But finding that safe space where you can escape judgment and just be free to love is more important than anything. Just in time for spooky season Candace Sosa dropped a hauntingly beautiful banger, River.

River is a track with tons of personality. With its lyrics adding a cinematic aspect to its already bustling instrumental, it's an enjoyable listen. Images of dark wooded areas and lovers running through the night come into focus with each listen. The track has a sense of urgency to it with its fast-paced beats and lyrics of escaping with your partner. The image of fighting for what you believe in comes into full focus as you allow the music to take hold. River is filled with relatable lyrics and explosive instrumentals. This booming, almost mind-bendingly spooky dance-pop production mixed with a taste of Candace’s controlled vocals makes for an incredible listen.

Candace Sosa is an incredibly talented person. Though she’s from Michigan, she is currently building her empire in Los Angeles. From songwriting to producing she's a powerhouse in all of it. She has her amazing music of course but also shares her songwriting abilities with others. Candace has a habit of writing hits, whether she's writing for BTS or TXT she always makes a splash with her writing. She also has incredible vocal capabilities that pull the whole thing together. Candace Sosa is a triple threat and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Written By Kaiana Lee


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