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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Rocketship" - Alexa Perez

3…2…1… Blast off with Alexa Perez's new single "Rocketship". After making a name for herself, Alexa has fans over the moon again for "Rocketship". Taking us on a journey, Alexa guides the song by exploring how the world will keep moving, but it is hard to continue to move forward. Her lyrics, "Something brought us together, I say it’s fate, You say it might be true. As the world keeps on turning. I'll keep on turning back to you" speaks to this sense of motion that we can see in any relationship. Going in circles and trying to see the pattern. She tells this story of what-ifs and how fate can really be there for you someday.

This song starts off with a countdown to set the scene, immediately followed by a powerful beat leading into Alexa's voice. "Rocketship" balances a steady beat with her alluring vocals and stunning synths. As we enter orbit, the chorus, it seems as if we are melting into the sound of her voice with each word. Just as Alexa is entering the indie pop sphere, we are able to follow her on this journey through "Rocketship". Each second of this song adds to this story, building off of one another. By the end of the song, we can begin to hear this lovely layer build up in Alexa's voice.

Alexa Perez started her career as a songwriter in Huntsville, Alabama. Since then, she has changed her direction more towards the indie pop sphere. She crafts her songs with a diary-entry approach that her fans can relate to. "Rocketship," her fourth release, shows Alexa is making a name for herself, by staying in tune with herself as well as her fans. With her impeccable songwriting skills, Alexa will continue to grow her fanbase and discography; you won’t want to miss what she releases next! Stream "Rocketship" today and remember not to get lost in space listening to her voice.

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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