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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Rubik's Cube" - Mira Housey

Some people are painfully difficult to understand. You try and try and it feels like you’ll never penetrate the wall they built. Like a Rubik’s Cube, it takes a while to solve the puzzle but once you do it's easier to understand. Once you get a peek through their façade, it’s easier to outdo them at their own game. Mira Housey cleverly makes this connection in her new track Rubik’s Cube. She likens solving a Rubik's Cube to out-manipulating a manipulator. Her decision to use the classic 80’s puzzle game as a metaphor for manipulation is such a smart decision that immediately pulls the listener in for more.

This Alt-pop banger begins with a low boil. Mira’s vocals echo back and forth creating a dark and mischievous soundscape. The instrumental features an acoustic guitar plucking strings to mimic a game master toying with everyone. This atmosphere fits perfectly into the genre Mira has aptly named cinematic pop. Rubik’s Cube supports the journey of self-actualization. Mira’s character in this song catches on to her partner's manipulation and makes it her mission to play their game. Her decision to fight fire with fire and fully lean into her power is something like a movie. When the plot reveals the hero was 8 steps ahead of the villain the entire time. The track is a story of triumph as Mira describes her victory of out-manipulating her partner.

Mira Housey is a classically trained musician out of Michigan. She began her journey studying piano and eventually posted her compositions online. She soon began writing and performing her songs, adding those to her account as well. These videos along with her plethora of awards from competitive piano and songwriting gained traction and launched Mira into stardom. She has since written and produced many songs for popular artists. She began her solo music career not very long ago, reaching 40 million fans in just over a year. Her sound is a mixture between her piano background and her love of pop. Rubik’s Cube is the second single off of her upcoming EP REIGN.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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