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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Ruined Love For Me" - Nina Brand

The lingering pain that follows heartbreak is indescribable. Nina Brand released her new single, “Ruined Love For Me.” She takes the raw and broken pieces of lost love and crafts them into something beautiful. It’s hard to put your pain into words, but Nina did it so effortlessly. This song is such a powerful anthem to all the people out there who have struggled to recover from a failed love. Her vocal delivery is crisp and beautiful accompanied by a catchy production. Nina poured her heart into this song and you can feel that as you listen.

Nina’s lyrics express a sense of heartbreak and betrayal from a past relationship. In the pre-chorus she says, “You said you needed space and time, I gave it to you gladly, you’re falling for another, fell for them badly.” You can feel the lack of closure she got from this person and understand why it’s so hard for her to accept the relationship is over. Her mention of trying to move on with someone else shows how the attempt to heal, but this person still evades her thoughts making it hard to let go. Nina express feelings of hurt and confusion towards her past partner, questioning their intentions. She acknowledges her own struggle to move on and the emotional baggage carried from the relationship. There is a sense of empowerment towards the end as Nina declares her happiness and independence. She takes us on a journey of healing and self-discovery, letting the listeners know that it’s going to be hard, but it will be okay.

Nina Brand is a singer songwriter in the indie-pop genre. Her lyrics are relatable and allow listeners to feel seen. Nina started songwriting around the age of seven and has continuously been perfecting her skills since then. She uses her lyrics to process her emotions which is why her music feels so real. I’m excited to watch her career and her talent evolve. She has already spoken about plans to release more music this year so follow her on the social media links below to keep updated with her future releases. Nina has dreams that she will no doubt achieve.

Written By Emylee Herring



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