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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Runner Up" - Ben Ellis

No one chooses who they fall in love with. Sometimes it just happens unexpectedly. Falling in love with your best friend is always a stressful situation but it can’t be controlled. When you realize the feelings aren’t mutual it only makes it worse. You can't fight the feelings you have but you also want to keep up the friendship. That need to do anything for this person won’t go away but you don’t want it to you just don’t want to be her runner-up. Ben Ellis wrote his new track Runner Up after taking his close friend to a psychic and waiting for her outside. A simple task that felt intense to him, at the time.

The record was written in a short burst over Zoom. Ben is well known for his heartfelt lyricism and Runner Up is no different. The track features pop elements with its use of upbeat guitar and playful basslines. The subject matter of the record is relatable and led to massive engagement on streaming platforms. The feeling of unrequited love is a common one and many of Ben’s fans felt a connection with the track because of this. Runner Up is an anthem for those of us who have love to give but nowhere to put it. This dancey tune is light-hearted but bittersweet and worth the listen.

Ben Ellis is a singer-songwriter hailing from Wales. He has been singing his entire life but his career began during quarantine. During the beginning of the pandemic, Ben focused his time on writing countless songs. These songs were often written with fellow songwriters over Zoom. Runner Up is one of the many songs Ben has written over the video chat site. Once he dropped his debut single Not This Time in March he began performing in his hometown and London. Playing both his original work and covers. His goal is to get his name out there and with a deep understanding of a media presence he is surely accomplishing that.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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