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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Running" - Elamar

“Running” is a slow soulful ballad about running from things that could be good for you. No one really knows what will come out of relationships, and it’s scary to think that the time you devote to someone can be instantly thrown away in a simple text or conversation. So it’s scary to accept a relationship, to delve into one. Sometimes, the safer option seems to run away, to run away from love and something that has the capacity to allow you to evolve and develop further as a person, but also the capacity to thrust you into the deepest pits anyone has ever been before.

Elamar uses his strong and soulful voice to push impressive notes and ranges. He utters the chorus line in different intonations and expressions. Though the production is minimal, the impact is huge and only enhances Elamar’s impressive voice. This track is not only captivating, but it’s also touching as Elamar pours all of his feelings into the song.

Born and raised in the village of Peace, a unique community of African American repatriates in southern Isreal, Elamar embodies a soulful blend of two disparate worlds. His soulful and wholesome pop sound reflects his humble and spiritual upbringing in a communal environment. For now, Elamar has only been teasing us with singles, but an album is sure to be on its way. With his unique upbringing, Elamar desires to pour every ounce of himself into his music, but it’s only there, that he’s able to use his experiences to relate to everyday people.

Written By Megan Cao



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