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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Running" - TJ Viola

photo cred: Jude Morris

Have you ever had butterflies for someone and felt like you were on cloud 9 whenever you were around them? Well, TJ Viola has. In his newest single "Running", TJ makes it known that he has such strong feelings for someone, and is head over heels for them. Although he is 100% sure about how he feels about them, he also feels unsure if those feelings are reciprocated. He asks this person for clarity by singing, “And I just wanna know if I’m running through your mind like the way you run through mine? And if you only felt the way I do about you, then we could be so good together if we see it through.” If you’re the type of person that enjoys catchy and upbeat love songs, then you’re in for a ride with this one.

Running” is one of the catchiest songs you’ll ever come across. And although TJ takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts, you’ll still be nodding your head and tapping your feet even through the saddest verses. In the song, you can catch various instruments, such as the drums, electric guitar, keyboard, saxophone, trombone and trumpet that sound so beautifully put together making the song stand out, and even catching your attention. But, TJ catches you off guard with another thing. Along with expressing his feelings for this person, there's a couple of parts throughout the song where he shares how he’ll feel if this person doesn’t feel the same way for him. We once went from, “It just feels like heaven the way you drive me wild” and “You're the only one that I desire” to “If you don’t wanna try then what's the point of life”, as well as, “​​You can keep me by your side or just leave me in the dark.” Getting your feelings hurt sucks, but having unclear communication is another thing. TJ was pouring his heart out on this song, so now we're all super eager to know if this person feel the same way about him or not?!

TJ Viola is a singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from the NJ/NY metropolitan area. He’s been playing instruments from a very young age, starting with the piano at 8 years old and the french horn at 12. Now, he has mastered wind, brass, strings and percussion instruments. On top of this already impressive resume, TJ nailed electronic producing by the time he was 15 years old. Since the age of 13, he's been performing at gigs in the NJ/NY area, as well as in Hollywood. Currently, TJ is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in French Horn at the Manhattan School of Music. He also has a couple of other songs that you can check out as well, such as "Escape", "Ghostin" and "Confessions." Follow TJ on his musical journey with the links below, and make sure to listen to “Running”, which just released today!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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