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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Sadie" - Jaime Deraz

Every now and then you’ll stumble across a song that manages to describe a story so vividly it’s as if you lived through its lyrics. Jaime Deraz’s latest single “Sadie” is one such example, retelling a heartfelt but painfully brief romantic encounter through an innovative electro-pop medium. Deraz’s lyrics leave you with a sense of longing, only sweetened by the encounter’s loose ends.

“Sadie” opens with muted synth bass lines and background vocals that come into full clarity as Deraz’s voice pierces the veil, setting the scene of her intoxicating autumn romance. The lyrics speak about the aftermath of the encounter, “coming down from the high of each other” to talk about plans for the future. “Sadie” is the name Deraz bestows upon the mystery lover, and the song’s chorus touches on recollections of their time together before describing a longing to know more about her private stranger. The story’s romance is only heightened by the ethereal synth pads, sweet vocals, and energetic percussion that keeps your head nodding till the very end.

Jaime Deraz’s talent for storytelling in her music is unquestionable. The large collection of singles and EP’s in her discography has turned the heads of listeners worldwide since her industry debut in 2019, proving her talent only compliments her songwriting zeal. For anyone looking to add real emotion to their playlists or a song to dance their heart out to -- look no further.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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